Discernment Reading

Since I can’t write much I wanted to share a few things from around the internet.

From Lighthouse Trails: The Roots of Spiritual Formation. You NEED to read this. I cannot stress the importance of understanding where “spiritual formation” comes from and how unbiblical these experiential/mystical practices are. Especially since it appears even AWANA programs are heading in this direction (read this)

Dave Hunt at The Berean Call has a piece up this month called: Who Can Understand the Gospel. I want to find time to read this and would be interested to hear what others think of it. I freely admit that I’m not a Calvinist, although I respect and listen to many of them, especially those in the word of discernment.

More on spiritual formation from Pastor Gary Gilley at Southern View chapel.

Emergent church leaders celebrating Wiccan holidays with Wiccans.

Oh and since Blue Like Jazz is now in movie theaters, a couple of warnings about the book:

Green Like Envy by Richard Nathan

Blue Like Jazz and Donald Miller by Lighthouse Trails

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