Sola Sisters Find More Signs of Trouble at North Point

Christine Pack, one of the Sola Sisters, has a couple of updates on her site regarding Andy Stanley and North Point church. One of them, posted May 7, had to do with a document volunteers must fill out and sign into order to minister with students at North Point.

So that you realize Pack has no anti-North Point agenda I want to share some of what she wrote: “For myself, I was thoroughly shocked and appalled when I read about this recent message by Andy Stanley. I know a number of people, solid Christians, who attend North Point, and speak highly of the teaching there … and yet, by his teaching, it seems he is drifting down the path of ear-tickling liberalism that so many before him have done.”

As evidence of that drift, Pack posted a passage directly from the covenant document volunteers are required to sign. I urge you to read it for yourself on Sola Sisters, but the summary point is that instead of saying that certain sexual behaviors are unbiblical (sex before marriage, same-sex relationship, single and cohabiting, married but committing adultery) and therefore individuals involved in one of those four sins are ineligible to volunteer for ministry at North Point church — the document says they don’t accept volunteers doing one of those four things “in an effort to protect you from a potentially awkward situation.” (Emphasis added)

As Pack rightly points out, “there is no call for repentance for those in willfully sinful sexual situations, no mention of church discipline, just a caution for those in sexual sin not to volunteer …”

This of course is the real heart of the matter. Al Mohler’s initial criticism stemmed from being unable to discern Stanley’s answer to the question: does North Point discipline members for adultery, but not homosexuality? All churches and church leaders need to be willing to confront any willful sin among its congregants in love and with the desire for the sinning person to repent and be reconciled to God. So it was a church discipline controversy at the outset.

However, my previous post was not focused on church discipline because Stanley recently turned the issue on its head. So now, in my mind, there are two separate issues that Stanley needs to clarify for those that are watching.

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