Happy Mother’s Day

My mom and I in the British Museum, 2008.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there.

I have a lot to thank my mom for, and not just for teaching me to laugh and how to make pie crust (hers will always be better than mine…).

My mom has been instrumental in my life as a Christian since I was little. See my mom wasn’t a Christian when I was born, but she started taking me to church when I was a toddler. When we moved (I was 4) she started taking me to a new church in that area. My second grade Sunday school teacher introduced my mom to Christian radio and it was listening to Christian radio that eventually resulted in my mom getting saved. The Lord did such a mighty work in her life that I knew I wanted to be a Christian too.

Years later when we found ourselves in an unhealthy church environment my mother taught me fearlessness, by standing up for what was right even when it meant going against church leadership. She’s always been willing to stand for truth and I’m so thankful to have had her to look up to, learn from and to encourage me to do the same.

And I’m really happy I can call her every time I forget how to cook something.


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