Sitting in church, but headed for hell…

Vincent and Lori Williams have a very important and personal story to tell. Their new book, Falsified: The Danger of False Conversion, is an urgent warning for all those who call themselves Christians to reexamine their hearts and lives. Why? Because both Vincent and Lori were false converts for many years. Both thought they had been saved but had not been regenerated by the power of Jesus Christ.

Both had professed Jesus in their youth, both had gone to church for years and were raised in “Christian” homes, but ultimately despite all of that neither were confronted with their sinfulness or the real Gospel. To themselves and quite possibly to many others they appeared to be Christians, but both were still in bondage to their sins and headed for hell.

They write:

“…you can clearly see we were held hostage by the idea that we were soundly saved when we clearly were not. We were confirmed by our friends, family, and clergy that since we had prayed the sinner’s prayer, which by the way is no where in the Bible, that we were rightly converted and on our way to heaven. Please stop and examine yourself, if you too have been living a moral life, or balancing the scales with your good works against your bad deeds. This is not the mark of a Christian, this is the mark of a false convert.” (pg. 5)

Their testimony is an indictment against a great many churches that try to make Christianity more “attractive” to non-Christians by stripping sermons of talk of sin and the necessity of repentance before a holy God. It also makes you wonder how many of the “Christians” they knew were for so many years were also false converts. 

The Williams’ book doesn’t shy away from naming names, criticizing “seeker-sensitive” church models like Willow Creek and Rick Warren’s Purpose Driven church for changing the gospel. They also write that “Lori was duped by two of these [word of faith/prosperity] false teachers, Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer. ” (pg. 37)

The book also addresses the issue of hypocrisy and its relationship to false conversion: “Hypocrisy is a branch of false conversion,” the Williams’ write. Both say that they were leading double lives because they had not truly been saved. Urgently they warn readers:

“If you are living in rebellion to Christ, and you are claiming to be His follower, you will always be living a double life. It’s the only natural result you can produce. If your heart is not regenerated, and you are falsely converted, you will be living one life that looks good on the exterior for the world, and you will be living another one that pleases you and your father, the devil. The Holy Spirit cannot reside where unrepentant sin abounds. You live a double life, talk double speak, and therefore you do nothing but blaspheme the name of the Lord.” (pg. 45)

2 Corinthians 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

If you aren’t 100 percent sure that you are truly saved, please watch this message from Paul Washer. Your eternity depends on it.

You can find the Williams’ book on Amazon, and right now the Kindle edition is only $3.03. It’s a quick read, but a very, very important message.

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