Headlines: The Alpha Course, atheist pastors, Rick Warren, and Tim Keller

Here are few articles I read this weekend I’d like to recommend.

The first is about The Alpha Course, a very popular curriculum used in many different churches today to introduce Christianity. But is that good or bad? This article does a good job of pointing out a few of its major flaws.

Second, a truly heartbreaking story from CNN’s Belief Blog tells of “unbelieving preachers” — pastors who over time became atheists. One former pastor said that his doubts arose on the subject of hell, then about the trustworthiness of the Bible and effectiveness of prayer.

Third, Stand Up for the Truth tackled another troubling Rick Warren tweet over the weekend. Warren remarked on twitter: NOTHING is more debilitating than self-pity: “I’m a worm & and not a man, scorned & despised by his people.” Ps. 22:6

This latest controversial tweet shows that Warren either disagrees with scripture or completely misunderstands it (or both)! Psalm 22:6 has absolutely nothing to do with self-pity. This is a messianic Psalm, prophetically foretelling the agony Jesus Christ experienced on the cross.

Fourth – Ken Silva has audio of reformed Pastor Tim Keller promoting mysticism over at Apprising.org. What is wrong with mystic meditation, you might ask? It is unbiblical and has its roots in pagan religions, NOT christianity.

2 thoughts on “Headlines: The Alpha Course, atheist pastors, Rick Warren, and Tim Keller

  1. Say, I love your blog. Thank you for including the Alpha Course warning. I am so grateful to you keeping an eye out on what is happening in Christianity. Oh that we would stay faithful to the gospel message once delivered. As a pastor, I fear for our nation and the path that it is taking…the churches are not helping in many cases. God bless your ministry.

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