God Teaches, Even on Vacation

So I’m back. Well, actually I’ve been back almost a week but I’m having computer problems at home and have a ton of commitments on top of going back to work.  But things are great. I came back refreshed from 12 days in Washington State, seeing old friends and cousins I hadn’t seen in 7-10 years, making new friends and doing so much more.

But even while I was away from my “life” as it were, God was ever present and He taught me quite a bit while I was out there. He ministered to my soul through the beauty of the rocks and mountains and lakes and trees He created for his glory.

He reminded me to feel compassion as I encountered a homeless lady roughly my mom’s age and prompted me to show mercy. He broke down walls of fear and coldness I’ve built up and helped me remember the person inside of me who can make friends with strangers just about anywhere. And He showed me that sometimes the things I think I know are all wrong.

I’ll try to post a few pictures of the highlights once I get my computer functional again.

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