Grab Bag: Valentine’s Day edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Here’s my Valentine to you all. Popples totally say, “I love you” don’t they? I actually had a friend order me this set of vintage 1987 valentines to give out to my friends this year. I couldn’t resist the nostalgia of it. But seriously, I do love each and every one of you reading this website and following me on twitter and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

I’ve collected a few different articles of interest related to Valentine’s day that I thought I’d share, since I can’t pass out little candy hearts to all of you.

Love and Marriage: Luther-style. Although this article was published by Boundless way back in 2005, I only discovered it last year and it is a fascinating read. As a protestant I’m a huge fan of Luther’s, but I had never read his “love” story before. Justin Taylor writes, “In the 1520s, Luther was about 40 years old and still single himself. For an unmarried man, he sure wrote a lot about marriage, arguing that it was not only helpful and honorable, but necessary (except for the very small minority of people gifted and called to singleness). He wrote, As it is not within my power not to be a man, so it is not my prerogative to be without a woman. Again, as it is not in your power not to be a woman, so it is not your prerogative to be without a man.'”

His writings on marriage influenced nuns to escape their nunneries, and although he had intended not to marry, he eventually wound up married to one of those nuns he was attempting to find a husband for.

When My Love Grows Cold. Some personal thoughts about love from Christian blogger and book reviewer Tim Challies. “To love is to spend time and to spend time is to love,” he notes. He also compares his relationship with his wife, and how to strengthen it, with how to strengthen his relationship with Christ.

29 Creative Ways to Say “I Love You.” A humorous list from Relevant Magazine with some good ideas and some really awful ones (at least in my opinion), just in case you’re looking for something to do for your sweetheart today. If anyone ever does number 11 for me, it’s over.

‘One Together’ This couple has been together 52 years! I wrote this article last fall. The Wades are absolutely charming and very wise.

Lastly, a Valentine’s story that will make you cry.

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