Hating Sin, Who Speaks Truth and Is Technology the Problem?

Today I’d like to share a few things I’ve read or watched online this week. The first is from @REALJDowney and is called A Letter from a Hater. Don’t the title scare you off because it is an important reminder of what we are to hate as Christians (I’ll give you a hint. It’s a three letter word that starts with “s”). Here’s just a snippet:

…I hate the sin in me…I hate how my sin affects my family…I hate how others sin affects my family.

I hate it.

And I’m tired.

We know from James chapter 1 (specifically verses 13-15) that we sin after being tempted in our hearts, and that those sins “when fullgrown” bring death. So we need to hate them, we need to be at war with them. Now get over to Dead Pastors Society and read the whole thing.

Next up is a great post on @Challies website: When We Hate What We Love. It’s about Paul Miller who stayed off the internet for an entire year and then wrote about this experience. What he learned about himself was a surprise, and is very instructive for those who argue that technology is the problem. Really, the problem is our heart.

Lastly, is a video of Dr. James White. It is about the Ergun Caner controversy, but if you’re not interested in that at least listen to the beginning when Dr. White asks an important question about who can speak truth. I thought it was an important reminder that even unbelievers can say things that are true, and we shouldn’t disregard evidence or a truthful statement out of bigotry against the worldview of the person saying it. Definitely something to keep in mind when debating someone as well.

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