The Offense of the Cross

A quote by Martin Lloyd-Jones preaching out of Romans about Paul’s statement that he is not ashamed of the gospel. Lloyd-Jones points out that the true gospel offends by necessity, false gospels do not.

“The offense of the cross is this: that I am so damned and so lost and so hopeless that if He hadn’t died for me I’ll never know God and I’ll never be forgiven. And that hurts, that annoys. That tells me I’m hopeless, that I’m vile, that I’m useless, and I don’t like it as a natural man. So you see this importance of all this? The gospel itself is something that produces a reaction of offense in people. They hate it. They ridicule it. They pour their sarcasm and scorn upon it. And the apostle [Paul] knew that. He’d known what it was to be ridiculed in other places.”

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