Five Surprising Things You’ll Learn from Crucifying Morality

CrucifyingMoralityOne of best things about life getting back to normal is that I have time to read again. This past weekend I finished up Pastor R. W. Glenn’s book: Crucifying Morality: The Gospel of the Beatitudes.” I’ll admit, I’ve always found the Beatitudes a little puzzling which is why I picked up this book. It was very helpful and sometimes surprising. The book also has questions at the end of each chapter which would be useful in a group setting. Here are five things you’ll learn if you decide to read it.

1) The Beatitudes are not BE ATTITUDES in the sense of a moral list to strive toward and live up to. “Instead, they are the qualities that begin to characterize sinners who encounter God’s grace in the gospel,” R.W. Glenn says.

2) The connection between the gospel and The Beatitudes. If you don’t already understand this definitely read this book!

3) Being a peacemaker, in the way Jesus means, can actually result in conflict because it requires telling people of their spiritual condition.

4) The Beatitudes should challenge you. As Glenn writes, “The Beatitudes are meant to jar you from your complacency and lead you to question whether you have entered the kingdom.”

5) How to see Jesus in every single Beatitude.

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