Two Good Sermons to Close Out a Tough Week

I am thrilled that it is Friday. This was a difficult week. I was sick last weekend and into this week and consequently my brain was all foggy. This led to me forgetting to do something important by Monday when it was due. Then I had to play catch up all week long and I’m still feeling a little tired and run down. I hate weeks like this. On the bright side, it’s nearly over and vacation is close at hand.

Once of the hardest things to do is move past our failures, ignore our crummy circumstances and get our focus back on Jesus. Am I right? That’s why I’m sharing these sermons, because I need to refocus. I’ve listened to these two sermons back to back over the past couple of days and got a lot out of them. I hope they edify you as well.

Dr. James White preached these messages back in August. They are both from the book of John chapter 15. The Vinedresser and the Branches followed by The Hatred of the World.

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