California: The weekend

Well, my plans to blog daily on this trip have fallen through. My schedule has been jam-packed. On Saturday alone, I spent time in four separate towns: Ventura (I recommend Le Petite Paris), Los Olivos, Solvang and Santa Barbara (be sure to see the courthouse).
Yesterday, my friend took me to Getty Villa which is a stunning Roman style villa complete with gardens and Greco-Roman art. The Cyrus cylinder is on display right now: as in King Cyrus of Persia, the same one written about in the book of Daniel. To see a clay cylinder he wrote on was kind of incredible.

At Getty Center we took in the breathtaking views of Los Angeles and I saw some incredible photography by Abelardo Morrell: large format camera obscura images. Stunning! After dinner, I finally got to dance in Los Angeles. Imagine a warehouse full of old set pieces and props like the sign for cabaret, movie posters, a welcome to Las Vegas sign and you’ll get the idea of where this was. A place called the Set Shop hosts a Halloween dance. The place was fascinating and the music was great. I wish I could have taken pictures in there but it was too dark and I was there to dance.

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