November – a Time to Give Thanks

I can hardly believe it is November 11. It seems like just last week was August! Alas, there is a bite in the air and the holiday season, which always seems to fly faster than any other time of the year, is near at hand.

But it is still November and an excellent time to reflect and give thanks. I know many people on Facebook are listing something they are thankful for each day this month. Daily posts are a bit too much work, so I’m doing it a little differently. This list is not in order of importance, just in order of the way things popped into my brain.

Since today is Veteran’s Day that’s where I’ll begin.

I’m thankful for all our servicemen and women, past and present. I’m especially grateful to my grandfathers, my dad and my cousin and his wife.

I’m thankful for my parents’ love. My parents aren’t perfect, but I never once doubted that they loved me.

My mom’s faith in Jesus has been an inspiration to me for more than 20 years. It was seeing that she had been made a new creation by Christ that made me look to Jesus. Over the years, her confidence in who God is and what He can do as well as her willingness to expose wrong have made a huge impact on my life. I’m thankful for that.

I’m thankful for a goofy brother who has always loved me even when I didn’t deserve it. I’m also really glad that I can call him my friend and that he can make me laugh until I cry.

God’s word is truth, according to John 17:17 (and many other verses). I’m so thankful that we have the Scriptures that we can study and know the truth. I’m also grateful to all those doing the tough job of speaking truth and challenging error. Here’s looking at you, Amy and Mike at Stand Up for the Truth, Chris Rosebrough, the Sola Sisters, Dr. James White, Todd Friel and the Wretched crew and so many others.

I’m thankful for my sisters in Christ who show love and encouragement with listening ears and needed hugs, and for reminding me to look to Jesus.

For Godly men.

For Jesus, who paid for my sins and showed me mercy. There is nothing greater than that.

Chocolate … for obvious reasons

I’m thankful for precious unborn babies that my friends will have later this year and early next year.

For cows. Because they are responsible for two things that I love: steak and cheese.

For friends who are like family — they love me when I’m at my worst, they’ll take my 2 a.m. emergency phone calls and let me cry when my heart is broken.

I’m thankful for God’s work in my life this year especially regarding my appetite as well as my desire to be active. Without Christ my self-control is nil, so I’m thankful that he’s begun to change my attitudes toward food, enable me to be more moderate and to consume healthier foods as well as to desire to get more exercise.

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