Don’t Miss List 11.12.13

I’ve found a little more time lately to cruise websites looking for good things to share. Here’s what got my attention:

John MacArthur Answers His Critics from

MacArthur tackles a number of questions in the wake of his Strange Fire conference. His book Strange Fire was released today too. Tim Challies’ interview with MacArthur is in two parts: Part one. Part two.

What Men Want in a Godly Woman

I found this Relevant article interesting. It was written by a woman (who asked men for their thoughts), but since I am a woman I have no idea how accurate it. If any of you men want to comment and let me know your thoughts, I’d be very interested to know what you are looking for (or what you fell in love with).

“Another Jesus” Calling

Stand Up for the Truth announces Warren Smith’s book which will take a critical look at the bestseller: “Jesus Calling.” I’ve gone on the record multiple times expressing my concerns about this book. I’m eager to read Smith’s book, especially given his background in the New Age movement.

18 Things I Will Not Regret Doing with My Husband

Aileen Challies has a beautiful list here. Read it and love it.

5 Reasons We Don’t Homeschool

The Farmer’s Wife Tells All was unknown to me before today. But I’m a sucker for a headline about homeschooling. Yes, I was homeschooled. Don’t get your knickers in a knot though, the post it isn’t what you’d expect from the headline: 5 Reasons We Don’t Homeschool.

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