LHT update about Jesus Calling

Given my concern over Jesus Calling I wanted to share this important update from Lighthouse Trails as soon as I could. They reported two days ago that Thomas Nelson, the publisher of Sarah Young’s book, has issued a new version with an intro stripped of much of the controversial elements that explain how she came to write her book. 

“Key words, phrases, and whole paragraphs have been vastly altered and/or eliminated all together. The most notable deletion is the removal of Sarah Young’s enthusiastic endorsement of God Calling—the channeled New Age book she described in her original Introduction as a “treasure to me.” It was God Calling that inspired her to begin receiving the personal “messages” from “Jesus” that comprise her devotional Jesus Calling,” Phillip Gray wrote at LHT.

While I am not shocked by this kind of behavior, I do think it is shameful and deceitful and absolutely unbecoming a Christian publishing house.

Stand up for the Truth is also following the story.

2 thoughts on “LHT update about Jesus Calling

  1. If you share this information with people who are crazy about some of these authors, you find they don’t want to hear it. So, therefore, for challenging these popular published authors, you are perceived as just being critical or negative.

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