Why I Won’t Be Watching ‘Son of God’

Sure, “Son of God” has gotten big name endorsements, but I won’t be spending my hard-earned money to see it. Here’s why.

1. I spotted enough false teaching in “The Bible” on History channel. I wrote about that here. Where’s the scarlet threat woven through history leading to Christ? What is the purpose of animal sacrifices? Where’s the trinity? The television show may have laid out a series of biblical events in order (although not always in a historically accurate manner), but the theology was seriously off track. For an excellent explanation of how far off track, check out these segments from Fighting for the Faith, including their false Jesus.

2. Roma Downey’s worldview isn’t Biblical. Downey is involved in the new age and even holds a degree is spiritual psychology. So why on earth would I trust her to tell me the story of “The Bible” or the “Son of God”? Even more, why would entire churches rent out movie theaters for this?

3. Changing the world is not the message of Jesus Christ. Even the movie trailer for “Son of God” includes this line from Jesus when he calls Peter to be his disciple. The true Jesus didn’t come to change the world. He came to provide salvation from our sins, through his death and resurrection. He came to call people to repentance and faith in Him.

If you’re looking for more information about what is theologically wrong with “Son of God” here are some reviews and questions about the movie from some Christian websites.

Stand to Reason: What’s Missing in Son of God

Stand Up for the Truth: Questions to Ask While Watching “The Son of God”

Sunny Shell: Review of Son of God

The Last Hiker: Review of Son of God

I hope those are helpful if you wind up talking to people about the movie, or choose to see it for yourself. Personally, I think I’ll go see Non-Stop.

5 thoughts on “Why I Won’t Be Watching ‘Son of God’

  1. I had no intention of seeing it, really, knowing what Hollywood tends to do.

    Also, so far as Non-Stop…you may want to reconsider. A quick look online should indicate the problems with that one.

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  3. Thanks for this article. I won’t be seeing this either. I already know that this, being a Hollywood production, will be filled with misinformation. I too found it slightly ridiculous that they would have Jesus say he wanted to “change the world”. I will say though that hopefully it will pique non-believers interest.

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