Spurgeon Preaches of Jesus, the Passover Lamb

It is Holy week and following Palm Sunday my thoughts are pulled forward to Maundy Thursday. My church is so small it doesn’t have service this Thursday night to  solemnly remember the Last Supper of Christ and His grief as He stared down the cross of Good Friday. In my quest for materials fitting for this week and this season, I found a gem of a sermon by Charles Spurgeon. Preached in 1855, this “Christ Our Passover,” sermon is lengthy but worthwhile as he explains how Jesus Christ is typified in the Passover Lamb of Exodus 12. Here are just a couple of excerpts to entice you to read more.

“… the lamb. How fine a picture of Christ. No other creature could so well have typified him who was holy, harmless, undefiled, and separate from sinners. Being also the emblem of sacrifice, it most sweetly pourtrayed our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.”

“And my faith receives great strength from the fact that I see my Saviour not only as a fulfilment of the type, but the only one. My heart rejoices to look on him whom I have pierced, and see his blood, as the lamb’s blood, sprinkled on my lintel and my door-post, and see his bones unbroken, and to believe that not a bone of his spiritual body shall be broken hereafter; and rejoice, also, to see him roasted in the fire, because thereby I see that he satisfied God for that roasting which I ought to have suffered in the torment of hell for ever and ever.”



2 thoughts on “Spurgeon Preaches of Jesus, the Passover Lamb

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