What’s the Matter with Reiki?

As occult and New Age practices become more mainstream, especially under the guise of providing physical and medical benefits, Christians must be on guard.

Reiki is one such practice that some claim is compatible with Christianity, but is a method not prescribed in Scripture. Amy Spreeman of Stand Up for the Truth recently republished a warning about Reiki’s dangers and gave me permission to share it here (it is below).

Christians Answers for the New Age also has a detailed analysis of Reiki and a Christian response online. In that response, Marcia Montenegro writes, “The belief in summoning, controlling, manipulating or channeling an invisible energy that cannot be objectively measured or identified, and for which there is no biological, medical, or other evidence, is another classic trademark of occultism.”

Shared with permission from Stand Up from the Truth:

A couple of months ago one of our listeners heard a show we did on how the New Age was creeping into the church and into our culture. Practices that once were considered alarming to discerning Christians are now becoming accepted as mainstream, no-big-deal events. As we were sharing information about Yoga and Reiki, we received a call from Sandy, who has a story to share. She put her experiences in an email so that others could know that yes, it is good to stand up against practices that go against what God says is Holy and righteous.

Good Morning Mike and Amy, here is my experience with Reiki.  Thank you and your guests for warning people.   I have never participated in Reiki, I warn those I encounter and I will continue to do so.  Please know, that part of this training was that I was to learn to experience my own deity.

When I was in school for massage therapy, I was required by the state of Wisconsin to learn about Reiki.  At the time, I was sickened by the thought, even though I didn’t know why.  The class was led by Reiki Masters, one man and one woman.  The woman started the class by leading a meditation session.  She told everyone to close their eyes, clear their minds and wait to see a color and then wait to see where they would go in their minds.

Everyone else closed their eyes.  I sat with my hands folded in front of me on the table and my eyes wide open and silently prayed.  I knew I needed help in this.  This was only the first event in an 8 hour day.

The instructor then went around the room and asked everyone to report what color they saw and where they went.  Classmates reported beautiful colors and wonderful places.  When it was my turn, I simply reported, “I am a Christian and I will not meditate this way.  Therefore, I didn’t see anything and I didn’t go anywhere.”  With a condescending “Oh”, she quickly moved on.

The day consisted of instruction.  I prayed, “Do I run?”  I calmly stayed in my seat and payed attention.  I was so at peace in the whole incident.  As the day progressed there was talk about the history of Reiki and its uses today.  They told us about the power in the universe and that eventually we could connect.  We needed to become aware of our own spiritual energy and healing powers and deity.

When we gathered after lunch we were to break into pairs.  I took a chair and quietly sat down.   The man would not make eye contact with me.  He looked my way, took a deep breath and rushed away.  The woman approached me and asked if I was okay.  I said, “I’m fine.  I told you I’m a Christian.  I will not participate in this.”  She said, “that’s okay, we don’t judge.”  I responded, “it doesn’t matter if you do judge.  I am not participating.”

What followed was weird.  It was as if they were in a trance.  I kept praying.

Another student approached me and said she didn’t want to do this either.  I asked her why.  She said she didn’t know.  We sat together and quietly talked.  As it turned out, I know her mother.  He mother is a Christian woman I know from a prayer group and we had prayed for this girl for years.  That’s another story, just a brief Praise the Lord I wanted to share.

We sat together and observed strange behavior as they proceeded to contact the universe.  Some broke down in tears, some wept, some laughed, some convulsed and some went lifeless.  Some of the behavior reminded me of what I read about Benny Hinn shows or Toronto or what I saw at a local church years back.  You could almost see and smell the evil in that room.

If this class would have been early in the program, I would probably have dropped out of the program.  I stayed in and learned how to move muscles.  Most of massage therapy is about moving muscles, relaxation and pain relief.

This was a strange 8 hours, but I knew the Lord was with me and protecting me.  He gave me opportunity to minister to a girl I had prayed for.  For the rest of the program, I had opportunities to share with my classmates.  Many were curious about why I wouldn’t participate.  I hope seeds were planted.

Since then, I continue to share with people about Reiki and other alternative services and why I won’t participate.

Many think this is harmless or even helpful.  I disagree.  Thank you for warning us about this.

Thank you,


4 thoughts on “What’s the Matter with Reiki?

  1. Whatever happened to a basic muscle rub?

    Also, anything that involves the word “goddess” in anything near a complimentary fashion—I’m staying away from it.

  2. Thank you for posting this article. Before becoming a Christian I practiced Reiki which led me into more and more occult practices. It is indeed evil. My instructor “initiated” us and we were literally channels for demons. Praise be to God for saving me out of this horrifying deception. Yoga, reiki, transcendental meditation – all these and more have entered the church. We need more people warning others who are willing to take a stand for Truth.

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