Don’t Miss List: Driscoll’s Resignation Letter, Historical Jesus and More

I have a few things to share before the weekend begins.

RNS: The Driscoll Resignation Letter

Mark Driscoll’s resignation was the big “Christian” news this week and I admit, I honestly didn’t think he’d resign. Everyone following the issue should take a few minutes to read Driscoll’s resignation letter for themselves. However, the fact that he doesn’t see how he’s disqualified himself from the pastorate is of grave concern. Also, some of the comments defending him were shocking. Seriously, some of the people sound downright brainwashed.

William Lane Craig on the Historical Jesus

With plenty of absurd claims flying that Jesus didn’t even exist, this old interview is relevant for today. It is long. I haven’t gotten a chance to watch it yet, but here is William Lane Craig discussing the “historical” Jesus.

Another review of Peter Enn’s “The Bible Tells Me So.”

This one from Michael J. Kruger. 

When Sin Gets the Better of You…

In this post from a couple days ago, I shared the impact of reading Romans 8 and 9 on days after personal failure and sin.

It’s a Wonderful Town…

The great musical “On the Town” has been revived in New York and opens this weekend. I’m seeing it tomorrow, but there’s no way it will be as good as Gene and Frank here:

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