Don’t Miss List for Valentine’s Day Weekend

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone. Before I get caught up spending my evening with one of Jane Austen’s finest stories, I have a don’t miss list for you.

Fighting for the Faith review of Andy Stanley’s “Brand New” message

Fighting for the Faith is an excellent podcast, but given Andy Stanley’s high profile and tremendous influence in the seeker sensitive/church growth world this episode is essential. Chris Rosebrough breaks down the egregious problems with Stanley’s recent sermon, “Brand New.” Listen here. 

Daniel Emery Price on the way Valentine’s and Friday the 13th Make Sense Together

This post on Liberate explains the history of superstition regarding Friday the 13th and origin of Valentine’s Day in an unexpected way that drives home the gospel message. I loved this post.

“The cross offends us because we need it. The cross says that you and I are sinners. We’re not good. We are people who have fallen so radically short of God’s will for us and lived in such blatant rebellion to His Law that the only just punishment is death. This need for the cross names us all guilty of crimes deserving of capital punishment. We deserve to die. This is offensive,” Price writes. He then goes on to share the good news.

Pulling No Punches about 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey is everywhere right now, since it is now in theaters. There is plenty (good and bag) being written about it, but these two posts were my favorites.

Rev. Kevin DeYoung hits a homer with his post, “No grey area,” and Relevant Magazine points out what so many seem to be ignoring (or unaware) about this film: this is the glorification of psychological and physical abuse. 

A Far Better Option than 50 Shades … A Portrait of Grace in Marriage

Emily Whitten’s shares the story of Ian and Larissa Murphy who have an incredible love story, and one that is not your typical Hollywood fare. The Murphy’s have written a book too, which I promptly purchased after reading this piece.

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