Persecution Updates – Pakistan, Nigeria and Ukraine

I haven’t gotten a chance to post my persecution stories for WORLD in a couple weeks so here they are:

Pakistan reinstates death penalty, Christians fear blasphemy charges

Pakistan recently reinstated the death penalty for all eligible offenses after a seven-year moratorium on capital punishment.

A government official said the death penalty should only be handed down “strictly as per law and only where all legal options and avenues have been exhausted and mercy petitions … have been rejected by the president,” according to the BBC.

But human rights groups said the justice system in Pakistan is broken and spoke out against the decision, which could especially affect religious minorities.

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Persecution grows in rebel-held regions of Ukraine

In parts of Ukraine taken over by separatist, pro-Russian rebels, persecution continues to escalate against anyone who does not belong to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Rebel soldiers in Donetsk have ransacked or taken over Jehovah’s Witness halls, Baptist churches, and Church of Christ buildings, according to Al Jazeera America. It’s all part of a conflict that has merged religious and national identities in the rebels’ bid to take over southeastern Ukraine. Rebels say the land is Russian Orthodox. One battalion of separatists even calls itself the Russian Orthodox Army. The result has been not only war, but persecution of Christians, Jews, Muslims, and other religious people.

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Boko Haram uses human shields after another mass abduction

Almost one year after Boko Haram kidnapped 276 girls in Chibok, Nigeria, the Islamic terror group abducted as many as 500 women and children to use as human shields.

Nigerian official Mike Omeri, the director of the National Orientation Agency, could not confirm exactly how many people were kidnapped from Damasak, Nigeria.

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