Pastor John MacArthur on The Final Passover, the First Communion

Let’s all pretend I posted this last night when it was still Maundy Thursday okay?

Maundy Thursday services are a sober occasion to reflect on what Jesus would endure for our sake. If you’re still reflecting, as I am, you may appreciate this message from Pastor John MacArthur about that Passover seder night and the institution of communion. I was thinking a lot last night about how Jesus became the Passover lamb for us, how he perfectly fulfilled it by allowing his blood to be shed on our behalf.

“Our Lord Jesus came to die. He knew He would die. He knew how He would die, on a cross being lifted up. He knew where He would die, in Jerusalem. He knew at whose hands humanly speaking He would die, the leaders of Israel and the Roman soldiers. He knew when He would die, He would die on the Passover day in the middle of the afternoon on a Friday in A.D. 30 in the month of Nissan on the fourteenth day as God’s Passover Lamb. He would die at the very same hour Passover lambs by the tens of thousands were being slaughtered. He knew every detail about His coming death,” MacArthur said.

Find the entire message at Grace to You.

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