Proof There is No Discernment: Daniel Plan Wins Christian Book of the Year

Waking up to this news today made me want to go back to bed. According to The Washington Post and a number of other news outlets, Rick Warren’s book “The Daniel Plan” won Christian book of the year last night.

This isn’t a surprise. The book is wildly popular. But it isn’t Christian. Warren reads what he wants into the book of Daniel and finds a “model” for dieting, which it isn’t. Daniel isn’t about dieting. It, like every other book in the Bible, is about Jesus. (Read Luke chapter 24 if you don’t believe me)

So on its face, there is no biblical justification for this weight loss scheme. I’m not knocking weight loss. It’s something I’ve been working on in my own life for the past couple years. And it is hard work. But twisting Bible verses to concoct a recipe for dieting and weight loss is offensive and absolutely falls into the false teaching category. Given Warren’s partnership and reliance on non-Christian doctors who promote new age meditation and other activities it also exposes people to dangerous spiritual possibilities.

Given the news that the book won an award last night it seemed like an appropriate time to share my previous posts about the Daniel Plan: Warren: Scripture twisting, eisegesis and allegorization. and Warren’s Daniel Plan created with Muslim and New Age doctors.

I didn’t write this one, but another blogger examined the new age teachings of Dr. Hyman, Dr. Amen and Dr. Oz. who worked with Warren on this.

11 thoughts on “Proof There is No Discernment: Daniel Plan Wins Christian Book of the Year

  1. Any time a non-Christian book, written by, I believe, a non-Christian, can win “Christian Book of the Year,” it proves your point, that there is no discernment.

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  3. Sigh… People are really focusing on weird stuff these days. What a sad thing that this would take top priority. The more I go into a Christian bookstore, the more I just want to read my Bible.

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