Persecution Updates: Two Stories about ISIS

ISIS has ramped up its activity against “infidels” and encouraged other Islamic extremists to do the same during Ramadan. Both of my most recently articles for WORLD had to do with this.

ISIS Threatens Jerusalem Christians

Islamic State (ISIS) militants allegedly have threatened to “purify” Jerusalem by slaughtering Christians if they don’t leave before the end of Ramadan on July 18.

Flyers purportedly from ISIS Palestine were circulated in East Jerusalem, promising “revenge” against Christians, Israeli news outlet Arutz Sheva reported late last month. Middle East Concern said Christians in the city became alarmed by the leaflets, which bore the ISIS black flag. But some doubt their origin, according to BosNewsLife.

Christians in Jerusalem have asked people to pray that they would not fear and would respond with wisdom. They also asked for prayers for justice against those responsible for the threats, cooperation and peace between different religious groups in Jerusalem, and that ISIS would not gain sway among Muslims in Palestine. Muslim and Christian communities of Jerusalem condemned the flyers, according to Middle East Concern.

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Attacks in Tunis, Kuwait Part of ISIS call for Ramadan Jihad

Just days after ISIS extremists called for a month of jihad to coincide with the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, bombers claiming to be affiliated with the group killed 25 people in a Kuwait mosque bombing.

ISIS also took credit for the gunman who killed 38 people at a Tunisian beach resort on June 26, according to The Daily Mail. U.S. officials told CNN the terror group may have inspired the attack without directing it. On the same day, a man in France attacked a U.S.-owned factory and beheaded his boss. Police detained the suspect and The Telegraphreported investigators found Arabic writing and Islamist flags at the scene.

Ramadan lasts from June 17 to July 17. Reuters reported ISIS spokesman Abu Muhammad al-Adnani released a June 23  statement congratulating all Muslims on the arrival of “the holy month.”

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