Sermon Recommendation: Gary Gilley on the book of James

The book of James is a challenging one, and one some people have argued conflicts with other epistles. That’s why I really appreciated this sermon from Pastor Gary Gilley of Southern View Chapel and want to share it.

This is his overview sermon as he begins preaching his way through James. It’s called James – the DNA of Salvation, because as Gilley explains, the book of James teaches that if we are saved our life should be changing, we should not be in love with our sin, but rather seeking a transformation that can only come through Jesus Christ (and only once we are saved).

He begins by pointing out two common errors of what Christian life should look like: Error 1) pretending everything is good and happy and there are no problems, struggles with sin or suffering. Error 2) wallowing in one’s misery and sinfulness and making no attempt to fight against it.

Then Gilley delves into the thesis of the book of James and the broad overview of the subjects it tackles. You can listen here.


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