Persecution Updates From CAR, Pakistan and Sudan (Good News too!)

I’ve been remiss in sharing my articles for WORLD the past few weeks. This week I got to write a rare good news story about prisoners of the faith being freed.

Christian captives freed in Sudan, Vietnam, and Iran

Persecution and human rights organizations rejoiced last week as three repressive regimes released five Christians held on trumped-up charges.

Sudan released from prison two South Sudanese pastors accused of spying. Two Christian prisoners in Vietnam and one in Iran also gained their freedom after serving “unwarranted” sentences.

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Central African Republic still rife with conflict a year after ceasefire

More than a year after warring factions reached a cease-fire agreement, Central African Republic (CAR) remains divided, unstable, violent, and on the edge of becoming a “failed state.”

Last week, Seleka rebels and a group calling itself Revolution-Justice killed 26 people while fighting over the town of Markounda, Bloomberg reported.

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‘Glimmer of hope’ for Christian woman on Pakistan’s death row

Pakistan’s Supreme Court suspended the execution of Pakistani Christian Aasiya Noreen (more often called Asia Bibi) after agreeing last week to hear her appeal on charges of blasphemy.

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ)called the decision a “monumental step forward in her case.” Another group fighting for persecuted minorities of all faiths, the U.K.-based Global Minorities Alliance (GMA), also applauded the Supreme Court. GMA Vice Chair Shahid Khan called the stay of execution “a glimmer of hope for Pakistani justice system,” in an op-ed.

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