‘Ordinary Heroes’ of Hungary

This week WORLD published this story I wrote about the refugee and migrant crisis impacting all of Europe.

The flood of Middle Eastern migrants streaming across the Hungarian border has divided the country’s Christians as well as its political leaders. While some support the government’s attempts to keep migrants out, others see the would-be refugees as an opportunity to share God’s love with people in desperate need.

The migrant crisis exploded in early September, when thousands of people on their way to Germany and Austria got stuck at Budapest’s Keleti train station as part of a government crackdown designed to discourage others from traversing the country. The situation at the train station was “chaotic” and conditions were “terrible,” recalled clinical psychologist Evan Parks, an American who works with missions and NGO groups in Hungary.

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3 thoughts on “‘Ordinary Heroes’ of Hungary

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  2. This has been interesting for me as my brother and his family currently live in Budapest. I know the name Evan Parks from SEND International, the mission agency that my husband works for. What adds interest as well is that we are taking a ministry trip to Europe for the first 2 weeks in October and will be in Poland, Hungary, Slovenia and Macedonia, some of the countries that are impacted by the refugee crisis. It makes me wonder how God is going to use all this to bring people to Himself by having them be somewhere they can hear the gospel while they may not have heard it where they are originally from.

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