Don’t Miss List: Jan. 6, 2016

The first Don’t Miss List of the year has a little bit of everything from telling the media to stop pretending to know Christianity theology to the controversy at the Urbana conference.

G. Shane Morris Says “Dear Media: Stop Trying to Teach Christians Theology”

I love, love, love this rebuttal to the irreligious media’s frequent attempts to tell Christians what proper Christianity is. Also, kudos for pointing out some of the non-negotiables of our faith.

Berean Examiner blog now at

I was happy to hear the news that Amy Spreeman has joined the Pirate crew and is blogging here.

The Gospel for Mormons

In case you you missed this ApologiaRadio video I posted yesterday, it’s well worth the 12 minutes it takes to watch.

Black Lives Matter Activist Assails Pro-Life Movement, Hails Communists at Urbana Conference

Chelsen Vicari of the IRD writes at LifeSiteNews that activist Michelle Higgins put down the pro-life movement and its concerns about Planned Parenthood, in a session at the Urbana Conference. In a Facebook post, radio host Janet Mefferd also criticized Higgins’s praise for communists in her speech. Amy Spreeman has some additional information on theological concerns with InterVarsity (which puts on Urbana) at her blog. The Gospel Herald has a response from Higgins about the controversy.

Holy Yoga? 

The Museum of Idolatry, also found now at shared this: 100% Yoga + 100% Jesus=Really Bad Math.

Yoga is, in fact, a spiritual practice, borrowed from false eastern religions (Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, etc). The entire purpose of yoga according to the Hindu American Foundation is to “reach oneness with God.” The true God, the God of the Bible is our creator whom we worship. He isn’t some sort of god. “oneness” can be attained with. That panentheistic concept absolutely contradicts the word of God, which also warns us that our God is a “jealous” God who commands that we worship no other gods. Borrowing a practice from a false religion seems to be obvious disobedience to the first commandment whether that practice is being used as “worship,” or merely exercise.

Sermon: God at Work in You, Part 1

This sermon from Grace to You and Pastor John MacArthur (preaching through Philippians), addresses the questions: “What is the believer’s role in sanctification and what is God’s role?  To put it another way, is it me or is it Him?  Is it faith or is it effort?  Is it trust or is it obedience?”

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