Sharing the Housewife Theologian’s Review of ‘Fervent’

Priscilla Shirer’s new book, Fervent, is doing well, if Amazon rankings mean anything. Since I haven’t read it and don’t intend to, I wanted to share a review Aimee Byrd (The Housewife Theologian) published recently.

I’ve listened to Aimee on the Mortification of Spin podcast and read some of her posts before. She is discerning, smart and clearly uses the Bible as the standard of measurement.

About Fervent she writes, ” … there are some major things missing for a book that is about fervent prayer. When I read a book about prayer, I expect to learn about prayer and, well, the One we pray to. But I felt like this book is more about women’s struggles and Satan’s strategies. And while I don’t disagree that Satan has personal and tricky strategies, I felt like he gets the bulk of the blame for our lack of spiritual growth. Sin seems consequential to Satan’s ploys in this book. We need to hear that sin is a serious personal offense against God. We aren’t merely strategizing in prayer so that we have good marriages, a fabulous self-image, and peace in our lives.”

Aimee goes on to note a few problems with Shirer’s book, including the description/definition of repentance and sin, the nature of prayer and misuse of Scripture, among other things.

You can find her entire review of Fervent here.


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