Blog Anniversary Giveaway Number 1: Four Great Christian Resources

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I promised giveaways this month and this one is extra special to celebrate four years of blogging. One lucky commenter will get a copy of The Truth War by John MacArthur, “Another Jesus” Calling by Warren Smith, Is That You Lord? by Gary Gilley and Herman Who? a Hermeneutics primer DVD from Wretched.

To enter – simply comment here, tweet me @SteakandaBible and let me know you’re entering or comment on this post on my new Facebook page. (Like the page while you’re there please!) You have roughly a week to enter. I’ll pick a winner by Wednesday morning next week (March 16, 2016).

Why these items in particular?

The Truth War, which was released in 2007, was one of the earliest books I read as I was coming to terms with the problems I was finding as I searched for a church home in Washington, D.C. It helped me make sense of the postmodernism I was running into, as well as various apostasies. It also makes a passionate and biblical case for the ability to know and distinguish between theological and philosophical truth and lies. It also addresses how to hold fast to that truth in an age of apostasy.

“Another Jesus” Calling is a book addressing many problems with the extremely popular devotional, Jesus Calling. Given the influence and how many true believers have failed to see the dangers of Jesus Calling, I think Warren Smith’s book is a must read.

Is That You Lord? tackles the thorny subject of how do we hear from God, by going through Scriptures to come up with a Biblical foundation for it, rather than seeking an experiential and therefore, subjective basis for listening to God.

Lastly, Wretched’s DVD Herman Who? is a great help in understanding how to study the Scripture for yourself, which in turn will help protect you from the many Bible twisters in the world today.


8 thoughts on “Blog Anniversary Giveaway Number 1: Four Great Christian Resources

  1. Ok, so I just learned about Herman Who? and would love to watch it. Have read the other 3 books and they are excellent resources. Thanks for doing this!

  2. Julia, I don’t Tweet or Facebook but I sure read everything you write here! Very grateful for your sound wisdom and information in these last days! Stay strong, Sister!
    PS….all 4 prizes are excellent choices! Happy 4th year and congratulations!

  3. Congrats on the anniversary. I’d really like to read “Another Jesus Calling” but just can’t justify the purchase since I have so many other books to read. If I could win it, though…

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