Six Terrible Tweets from PDChurch 2016

Today was the first day of Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren’s latest “Purpose Driven Church” conference. It’s been a few years since, he’s held one, but as far as I can tell from the tweets (#PDChurch) it’s all just more of the same he’s peddling.

Here’s the video teaser they made for the conference. I’m grateful to The Berean Examiner for the heads up on this conference. They also took Warren to task for unbiblical statements he made promoting the conference.

Since I had to work and was unwilling to pay the hefty price tag to livestream the event anyway, I had to get by just watching the live tweets today.

Here are just some of the worst and most ironic tweets from the #PDChurch conference I’ve seen today with a few of my thoughts:

It was clear, since multiple people tweeted this out it is a Rick Warren quote. This one really irked me since it’s apparent Warren doesn’t realize Christians aren’t required to keep the Sabbath, or even what it would mean if we had to. Read Deuteronomy. Keeping the Sabbath was not just “taking a full day off.” We find our Sabbath rest in Jesus Christ, not by taking time off work.

Here we go again. Another law, this one entirely invented by Warren! Anyone got a Bible verse for this? Since the pastor’s job is to teach and preach, to feed and protect the sheep as a faithful undershepherd of the Lord, failing to do those things properly is unfaithfulness. I haven’t found a command to be a risk taker in the pastoral epistles.

This made me laugh out loud since I’ve been watching Rick Warren for years, and his entire (unbiblical) “Purpose Driven” system seems to be about quantity.

What people want to hear is irrelevant. My testimony won’t save anyone. The gospel — that they are lost, but there is good news in that Jesus Christ lived, died and rose again and offers forgiveness if we repent and trust in Him — does. This is a common but wrongheaded idea Warren is promoting.

Really? There isn’t a single, Bible-preaching, God-fearing church of mature believers in existence if it hasn’t gone and “planted” a new church? I beg to differ.

Oh, the irony. “Anything made by man has a shelf life …” says the pastor who himself polled unbelievers to see what they wanted in a church, then created a system to attract and please them rather than faithfully teaching the Scriptures to believers and sending them out into the world to evangelize the lost (as the Bible instructs).

The Bible doesn’t call people to be “purpose driven.” That’s what Rick Warren calls people to. This is not the true gospel, folks, and it will not save souls.

Warren’s manmade theology is well past its expiration date. Take it off the shelf already.


Berean Examiner: Warren resurrects Purpose Driven Conference in U.S. to build “processes and paradigms”

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