Persecution Updates: Pakistan and Mexico

This past weekend I wrote about the arrest of a Christian teen in Pakistan. Last week I wrote about the persecution of evangelical Christians in rural, Southern Mexico.

Facebook ‘like’ lands Pakistani Christian teen in jail

Pakistani police last week arrested a 16-year-old Christian from eastern Punjab province on blasphemy charges stemming from a Facebook “like.”

Akhtar Ali, a Muslim, complained to the Phoolnagar Police Station about an image in Nabeel Masih’s Facebook feed, World Watch Monitor reported. Ali said Masih “liked” an “inappropriate” photograph of the Kaaba in Mecca, one of the holiest sites in Islam.

“On 18 September, I was with my friends Bakht Khan and Saddam … We took our friend Waqar’s mobile phone and started seeing pictures of his various friends on Facebook. But when we opened Nabeel Masih’s profile, there was a picture posted in which the Kaaba is defamed and disrespected. Seeing that picture, our religious feelings were hurt,” the accusation stated, according to WWM.

Continue reading at World’s website.

U.S. lawmakers plead for Mexico’s persecuted evangelicals

Evangelical Christians in rural villages of southern Mexico have suffered persecution for decades.

For many years, their suffering went unnoticed except by persecution watchdog groups like Christian Solidarity Worldwide, International Christian Concern (ICC), Open Doors, and Voice of the Martyrs.

But the Protestants’ plight finally is getting some high-profile attention.

In what ICC called a “historic first,” 13 U.S. lawmakers on the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission sent a letter to Mexico’s attorney general, Arely Gonzalez, calling for prosecution of religious freedom violators.

Continue reading at World’s website.

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