Are you really preaching the gospel?

I ran across this post today, “You Know You’re Really Preaching the Gospel When…” on the For The Church blog.

Pastor Dave Harvey makes some really great points, and although it is most useful as a read for pastors to examine themselves — I think lay people would also benefit.

I particularly appreciated this reminder:

“The good news of the gospel is that God accepts us as we are, not as we will be. In Christ, we are fully, completely, totally, and radically accepted. One-hundred percent of Christ’s righteousness is credited to us. Not fifty percent, not eighty-five percent – one hundred glorious percent. If you’re preaching the gospel in all it’s radical goodness, people will feel secure in Christ. If people feel secure in Christ, they can stop acting like they have it all together. If they are righteous in Christ, they don’t need to put on any sort of act. They, along with you, can be honest about struggles and sins.”

Read it at the FTC blog.

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