Don’t Miss List: “Favorite” Heresies, Don’t Trust Your Heart, How to Reach the Suffering and More

This list has been a long time coming. Quite a bit of ground to cover, since I haven’t done this for awhile. I’ll start with the most timely subjects:

“This is the last spastic breath from the Religious Right before its overdue death” – Collin Hansen

I generally avoid political issues like the plague around here. I believe the gospel and the truth contained in God’s word matter more than politics ever could. However, this opinion piece by Collin Hansen of TGC speaks directly to Christians about the latest Trump scandal and, is, in my view an essential read. Read it even if you don’t love the headline (I didn’t like the headline) – a better one would have been from the end “Woe to the hypocrites.”

The passage I found most pertinent:

To the older evangelicals planning to vote for Trump: You can try to explain the difference in electing a president and hiring a 23-year-old college graduate to evangelize students. You can say we’re electing a commander in chief and not a Sunday school teacher. You can say that God often raises up pagan leaders to deliver his people from their enemies. But no one is fooled by your arguments.

They can see you will apparently excuse anything in a Republican nominee so long as the alternative is a manifestly unqualified Clinton. And they will conclude that they don’t really need to listen to you when it comes to “traditional, biblical ethics.”

Keep reading at The Washington Post

Tim Challies Reviews and Warns about Jesus Always

Sarah Young’s latest book, Jesus Always, was released last week. Tim Challies reviews the new book, “her big claim” and gives a big warning.

“The big claim in her little books is that the words come to the reader from Jesus through her. At least, that was the claim of Jesus Calling and, as far as I know, it has not been retracted. Instead, it has been removed. If you are enthusiastic about Jesus Calling or wondering about Jesus Always, this is the one claim you must face head-on. You cannot treat Jesus Always as just another Christian book when Young herself claims it is so much more,” Challies writes.

Band Aids vs. Chemotherapy: Why Suffering Women are Drawn to False Doctrine and 7 Things We Can do to Help

Michelle Lesley observed that a commonality among a number of female Bible teachers who spread false teaching, is that they’ve all been victims of abuse. In this post, Lesley addresses the reason false teaching may resonate with people who have suffered so much and offers some advice for reaching suffering people with biblical truth instead.


Wise in His Eyes reviews Lysa Terkuest’s book: Unglued

Unglued is a very popular book, but as Wise in His Eyes explains, it has some serious problems including an unbiblical view of sin.

The Truth About Following Your Heart

Satisfaction Through Christ blog posted this awhile ago, and I just haven’t had the opportunity to share it. I hear “follow your heart” all the time. I’m pretty sure if I’ve even seen it on artwork at TJ Maxx. But is it good advice? Not according to the Bible. Satisfaction Through Christ explains …

An Updated Analysis of the Theology and Favorite Heresies of Americans

Many Americans are heretics, according to LifeWay and Ligonier’s state of American theology survey. Some of the most popular false teachings in America were that “God accepts the worship of all religions, including Christianity, Judaism, and Islam,” that “individuals must contribute to their own salvation,” that Jesus was created by God, that “everyone sins a little, but most people are good by nature” and many, many more according to this write up in Christianity Today.

This is what happens when churches stop teaching doctrine and the Scriptures: rampant heresy and doctrinal confusion. Christians, we have to open up our Bibles again.




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