Don’t Miss List: Hello, December Edition

ChristmasTreeI picked up our Christmas tree last night, so I’m in a Christmas-y mood. That might be obvious with some, but not all, of this Don’t Miss List:

Rev. Kevin DeYoung pleads with pastors: Don’t cancel Sunday services for Christmas!

I LOVE THIS! As someone who loves Christmas Eve service but usually has to miss it in order to see all my cousins at our family party, I often wish more churches still held Christmas Day services (yes — that used to be a thing). Since this year, Christmas falls on a Sunday I really want to find  a service to attend.

I greatly appreciated DeYoung’s letter here and the reasons he gives for not cancelling Christmas Sunday services at your church.

Here’s one of them: “It’s Christmas for crying out loud! It’s the day we celebrate the incarnation, the birth of the Messiah, the entrance into our world of the second Person of Trinity. Don’t we want to sing? Don’t we want to celebrate? Don’t we want to preach and praise and pray?”

I do want to sing and celebrate and hear the word. Pastors, please know that some of us really do want to be in your church this Christmas!

Study finds congregations are economic boon to their communities

A former colleague of mine writes at the IRD about a recent study of the economic value of churches. Obviously, the theological value is what really matters. But the economic impact is rather fascinating.

Trevin Wax highlights an unfamiliar hymn at TGC

Do you know the hymn, How Far Is It to Bethlehem? I didn’t, until I read this piece from Trevin Wax.

Read Before You See ‘The Shack’ (coming to theaters in March)

You’ve probably heard me or other people say that there’s bad theology in The Shack. How bad? Amy Spreeman posted this yesterday at The Berean Examiner listing more than a dozen heresies that are in the book. That’s a serious problem. Be prepared by reading this.

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