Christmas Links: Theology of Carols and more

20161214_204231It is December 21st. Four more days to Christmas. Are you ready?Given the nearness of the day we celebrate the birth of Jesus, I am short on time to share some of the advent messages and readings I’ve found in the past week or two.

Is the Virgin Birth Essential?

Many people attempt to undermine the idea of a virgin birth. Rev. Kevin DeYoung tackles the subject here. While you’re visiting his blog, you may also want to read 10 Ways to Be a Christian This Christmas.

Advent Series preached by Jesse Johnson of Immanuel Bible Church

I went to IBC’s candlelight Christmas production recently and learned they have an app to stream sermons. Since then I’ve been listening to Jesse Johnson’s advent sermons. So far I’ve learned and been encouraged by Advent in the Old Testament, and Jesus’ Mission in the New Testament. I still need to listen to Your Mission if You Choose to Accept It. 

Christmas for the Discouraged

For those who are happily enjoying the Christmas season, it is easy to forget how many people are struggling, wounded or discouraged. This post at ERLC by Lindsay Swartz speaks to that reality.

“It’s good news that Christmas isn’t just for the cheerful one who loves sipping hot chocolate by the tree. Christmas is for the downtrodden and defeated ones who have been praying for years and want to give up. Christmas is for the distraught and discouraged ones who have had another setback in their life’s work. Christmas is for the depressed and despairing ones who are barely hanging on. Christmas is for the ones in the middle of the darkest night of the soul.”

The White Horse Inn Talks Carol Theology

The crew at the White Horse Inn podcast recently devoted some time to examining Christmas songs and their respective theologies. Listen here. 



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