Life update and encouragement


When I decided to post today, I intended to write something along the lines of “Hey, there. So I moved cross country to Denver! Surprise. Life is full of working and job hunting, so please pray for me and understand why I’m not blogging regularly.”

That was the plan anyway. But with the subject on my mind, along with the anxiety I’ve been battling about finding the right job in Denver, something surprising happened. I remembered the amazing things that happened before I moved here, as well as all the ways God provided for me 14 years ago to allow me to move to Washington, D.C. when I was just out of college and had no very little savings and no connections.

Back then I was offered an internship out of nowhere (that came with housing and pay!), an employer generously chose to continue paying me a small amount for months after I moved away and stopped working for him, God provided me with a job by the end of my internship and even gave me a way to live rent free until friends and I could move in together.

Those memories of God’s generosity, provision and faithfulness not only prompted me to gratitude but reassured me that he can do it all again. He is still in control and keeps his promises. Now, I know that means He’ll provide for my needs. I also know that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll have a new job to start the day my current one ends. It could, but it may not.

So far the circumstances of my move to Denver seem to have had more than a little of His help. I can’t pretend to understand how it worked out that I found two Washington, D.C. friends to move with, that we secured a great place to live without living here yet in such a tight housing market, and that my employer needed time to transition and allowed me to bring my job with me for a few months. I was also extremely encouraged by this sermon today that reminded me to focus on Jesus instead of life’s storms.

Anyway, I hope that by sharing how I was encouraged today in my particular situation that it reminds you to trust God with yours too. He is faithful.

PS: It may still be awhile longer before I can resume regular blogging here at Steak and a Bible, but please know I’ll return.

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