The Reformers: Martin Luther

It makes sense to begin these few posts about the Reformers with the most well-known: Martin Luther. But before that, I’d like to say that my intention here is not to revere these men. They were all men. Sinners, just like the rest of us. But I think it is important to remember them and the impact they had on Christianity by God’s grace. Continue reading

Remembering the Reformers

Although I do not consider myself Reformed in the theological sense of the word (I share some of those views, but not all of them), I still look upon the Protestant Reformation with gratitude for the men God used to fight for truth, for the recovery of the gospel and especially the principle of the Bible being the “ultimate authority” for Christians (Sola Scriptura). Continue reading

Podcast Recommendation: Chris Rosebrough Debunks “Holy Ghost” Movie

This episode of Fighting for the Faith is not to be missed! Pirate Christian Chris Rosebrough tackles the newly released “Holy Ghost” movie and shows that the “miracle” healings are easy parlor tricks and cold readings and illustrates that the theology about hearing from the Holy Spirit promoted by the film makers is wholly in contrast to Scripture.

Don’t fall for it brothers and sisters. Read your Bible and understand how the real Holy Spirit works (John 14-16 is a great start!) so you’re not taken in by stuff like this.

Consequences of False Teaching: Driving People from Christ

You might have noticed the theme for the past couple days has been false teaching here at Steak and a Bible. I’d like to focus today on consequences. There are serious consequences for false teaching: judgment from God upon false teachers and also the real possibility of people remaining in their sins and unbelief because they have not heard the true gospel and been converted. The price for false teaching is high. Continue reading