Grab Bag: Valentine’s Day edition

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Here’s my Valentine to you all. Popples totally say, “I love you” don’t they? I actually had a friend order me this set of vintage 1987 valentines to give out to my friends this year. I couldn’t resist the nostalgia of it. But seriously, I do love each and every one of you reading this website and following me on twitter and I appreciate you taking the time to read this.

I’ve collected a few different articles of interest related to Valentine’s day that I thought I’d share, since I can’t pass out little candy hearts to all of you. Continue reading

Seattle, my current favorite place …

I seem to recall promising some vacation photos, well here goes. When you think of Seattle you probably think:

One of the neon signs adorning Pike Place market.

You’d probably also think coffee:











Obviously when it comes to architecture this comes to mind:

But what I loved most was looking at this whenever I was at my friend’s place.


As of this evening I’m on vacation. I’m abandoning the east coast for nearly two weeks to enjoy far cooler weather in the Pacific northwest. I’ve been dying to visit Seattle for a couple of years and now my trip is so close I can taste it. It tastes like Starbucks…

I’m off to see friends, take in as many of Seattle’s sights as I can cram in, visit my cousins and dance to some great jazz music at the Seattle Lindy Exchange (where I am sure to make many new friends).

This unfortunately means a break from blogging, although I will probably manage to find some time to tweet.

Grab bag: Jane Austen, Paul Ryan and more

Does anyone else remember grab bags? I recall going to the dollar store with my allowance as a child and finding the brown bags with unknown contents completely irresistible. Oh, that was just me? What can I say, I’ve always loved a good mystery. Still do.

So I’m instituting a new category here. The grab bag. Basically where I can comment on any random thing that has caught my attention. (I’ll try not to post these too much since I don’t want them to detract from my main purpose.)

Jane Austen’s Guide to Happily Ever After -I found this interview with Elizabeth Kantor on BeliefNet very interesting. I’m a huge Austen fan (and have forged multiple friendships in discussion of her novels) and think her characters and their flaws have a lot to teach us. Kanton makes a wonderful differentiation between relationships in Austen and relationships in Bronte novels (particularly Wuthering Heights) that made a lot of sense to me. I had to laugh when Kantor was asked which Austen heroine she was most like, and said she had never considered it before. “I think we can all see different pieces of ourselves in the different Jane Austen heroines, and we can learn from all the books,” she concluded. Yes, I agree, but I see a little too much of myself in Emma.

Hey Girl, It’s Paul Ryan – This genius website is getting plenty of media attention this week. Normally I hate memes, but the nerdy conservative girl inside me couldn’t help but love this. A friend of mine suggested this great Paul Ryan pickup line:And finally …

The Pioneer Woman – If you don’t already know about Ree Drummond (The Pioneer Woman) you don’t know what you’re missing. She’s my favorite blogger because she’s a homeschooling mom married to a rancher and blogs about food, ranching, homeschooling, entertainment, photography and more. I admire her and her sense of humor tremendously. The recipes on her site are great. I’ve actually won two baking competitions thanks to Ree and Tasty Kitchen. Her blog makes me want to marry a farmer or rancher and move to the middle of nowhere.

That’s enough – I need to go grab some dinner and finish getting ready for Bible study. I’m treating myself to a steak tonight!