Don’t Miss List: Strong Women, Discernment Tips, Tough Questions and More


This picture helps explain why posts around here have been a bit light lately. I traveled to New Mexico and Arizona for vacation recently and saw some incredible beauty created by our God, as well as some architectural marvels. The way this church in Sedona is built right into the rocks was pretty amazing. Also, I felt like a tiny ant with all the mountains out there.

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Normal is the Watchword

I’ve been back in the U.S. for almost two weeks and my life is starting to return to normal. Starting to. I did have a nightmare last night that I was running late getting a taxi to the airport. I still feel a bit behind on things here at home and it could take me months to find the time to sort and edit all my photographs from Europe.

Eiffel Tower at Night

Eiffel Tower at Night

I will share a few more as I have time.

My first weekend back I did little but sleep and read to recover from the jet lag. I actually managed to finish reading three novels that weekend, including Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger. I picked that up on the recommendation of the owner of Minneapolis’ Once Upon a Crime mystery bookstore. I asked for suggestions of local authors and he recommended this fantastic novel, which had much more depth than your typical mystery novel and an unexpected exploration of faith and forgiveness.  Continue reading

California Day 2: Firsts

Today I did some new things. I dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean. I went on a real hike. I guess I have hiked before in some gorges in New York state. But I’ve never been on a hike like today’s hike up to Two Trees.

Also, I went to In-and-Out Burger for the first time ever. It was good, but as an East Coaster I remain firmly in the Five Guys Burgers and Fries camp.

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Seattle, my current favorite place …

I seem to recall promising some vacation photos, well here goes. When you think of Seattle you probably think:

One of the neon signs adorning Pike Place market.

You’d probably also think coffee:











Obviously when it comes to architecture this comes to mind:

But what I loved most was looking at this whenever I was at my friend’s place.