Can God Speak Without Authority?

A crucial question taken from Out of Formationby Gary Gilley:

“Is it possible for God to speak in a non-authoritative way? Is it possible for Him to speak something less than His inspired word? The continuationists seem to have invented a novel type of divine revelation; one that contradicts Scripture and defies reason. In the Bible, and logically, either God is speaking of He is not. There is no such thing as partially inspired revelation or the true words from the Lord polluted by the misunderstanding or imagination of the prophet.”

Cessationism and straw men

There is no subject I’ve touched upon here at Steak and a Bible that has gotten more pushback than cessationism. It seems whenever I bring up the subject that I get a string of comments, including personal attacks that I consider unfit for publication because they try to judge my relationship with Jesus. In argumentation, ad hominem attacks are the weakest form of argument. With the goal of trying to elevate this discussion above such personal criticisms and straw men caricatures of either side I share this article with you all. Continue reading