Can you make the gospel attractive? Should you try?

This was originally published Jan. 26, 2015.

There is a rampant problem among the Christian church at large today that some might call the “attractional” model of church. More people are probably more familiar with the term “seeker-sensitive.” This is also a philosophical tenet of the Church Growth Movement which you can learn more about in my post from a couple days ago.

Too many churches and church leaders think if they make church more appealing to non-Christians they’ll attend and eventually be converted.

This is s driving philosophy of nationally known pastors like Rick Warren, Bill Hybels and Andy Stanley and their respective mega-churches. Stanley’s writings and interviews have made it clear he thinks the church should be for the “unchurched.” He’s even claimed pastors are no longer supposed to be shepherds of their congregations.  And Warren speaks freely about the fact that he set out to build a church for “Saddleback Sam,” actually polling people to find out what they wanted in a church.



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Stand Up for the Truth Podcast: Roots of Church Growth Movement

This is an oldie, but a goodie. I listened to this podcast on the train today and Amy, Mike and guest Pastor Chris Quintana do a great job of looking at churches like Willow Creek and Saddleback for their methods of doing church and comparing that with the Bible’s commands about what church should be, who it is for, what it must do, etc.

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Philosophical problems with the Purpose Driven movement

It’s Friday already and that means Rick Warren here at Steak and a Bible is almost at a close. Don’t worry, I’m sure Warren will warrant further discussion here, especially if he keeps tweeting. For now, I want to back up and talk a little bit about what should be the most obvious problem with the purpose driven church (not only Saddleback, but its many clones).

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