Blog Anniversary Giveaway Number 1: Four Great Christian Resources

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I promised giveaways this month and this one is extra special to celebrate four years of blogging. One lucky commenter will get a copy of The Truth War by John MacArthur, “Another Jesus” Calling by Warren Smith, Is That You Lord? by Gary Gilley and Herman Who? a Hermeneutics primer DVD from Wretched.

To enter – simply comment here, tweet me @SteakandaBible and let me know you’re entering or comment on this post on my new Facebook page. (Like the page while you’re there please!) You have roughly a week to enter. I’ll pick a winner by Wednesday morning next week (March 16, 2016). Continue reading

Can God Speak Without Authority?

A crucial question taken from Out of Formationby Gary Gilley:

“Is it possible for God to speak in a non-authoritative way? Is it possible for Him to speak something less than His inspired word? The continuationists seem to have invented a novel type of divine revelation; one that contradicts Scripture and defies reason. In the Bible, and logically, either God is speaking of He is not. There is no such thing as partially inspired revelation or the true words from the Lord polluted by the misunderstanding or imagination of the prophet.”

Is That You, Lord? Back in Stock

Someone emailed me recently trying to get their hands on a copy of Is That You, Lord? by Pastor Gary Gilley. This is honestly one of the most helpful books I’ve ever read and I strongly encourage people read it. So if you were looking, but turned off by the obscene prices on Amazon, I have good news.

Southern View Chapel has restocked the book and it is available there for $9 a copy. I just restocked my shelves and if you’ve been trying to get a copy for yourself or someone else, now’s your chance.

Is That You Lord? – Winner

I promised a winner announcement by today at the latest. I’d like to say thank you to everyone who commented, tweeted or shared my post somewhere. The winner of Is That You Lord? by Gary Gilley is Donna Banks. I’ll be in touch by email to find out where I should mail the book.

For those who are interested, Pastor Gilley has written a number of thoughtful analyses that are available online through his church website. He also a few other books that I’ve greatly benefited from.

Is Deception Calling? A review of Jesus Calling by Sarah Young

Just the other day I posted that Christians should be wary of God “experiences.” Although there are many prominent promoters of practices that claim to be ways to hear directly from God (other than by reading the Bible), it is my fear that these are really paths toward self-deception or worse.

As a follow up I’d like to share my thoughts about a book whose author purports to have received messages from God (which she turned into a bestselling book).

A couple months ago I was given a devotional book called Jesus Calling, and although I never read devotionals I began to examine the book. What I found shocked me. The author, Sarah Young, claims to have received revelations from Jesus through dialogue journaling (something she learned from two “listeners” who wrote another book called God Calling. I’ll get to that in a minute). Her book is even written as if Jesus is speaking those messages directly to the reader, which I personally think borders (or crosses into) blasphemy.

Alarm bells began to clang in my head. Continue reading

Pastor Gilley: Differences between Contemplative Prayer and Biblical Prayer

This may be the best explanation of the differences between contemplative prayer (one of the “disciplines” of spiritual formation) and biblical prayer I’ve read. It isn’t brief, but it is well worth the read. (from Pastor Gary Gilley at Southern View Chapel). With so many proponents of Contemplative spirituality out there, it is imperative that Christians understand the differences and the dangers.

Once you’ve read it be sure to visit Lighthouse Trails Research Project to learn more about which preachers and teachers promote contemplative spirituality.

Discernment Reading

Since I can’t write much I wanted to share a few things from around the internet.

From Lighthouse Trails: The Roots of Spiritual Formation. You NEED to read this. I cannot stress the importance of understanding where “spiritual formation” comes from and how unbiblical these experiential/mystical practices are. Especially since it appears even AWANA programs are heading in this direction (read this)

Dave Hunt at The Berean Call has a piece up this month called: Who Can Understand the Gospel. I want to find time to read this and would be interested to hear what others think of it. I freely admit that I’m not a Calvinist, although I respect and listen to many of them, especially those in the word of discernment.

More on spiritual formation from Pastor Gary Gilley at Southern View chapel.

Emergent church leaders celebrating Wiccan holidays with Wiccans.

Oh and since Blue Like Jazz is now in movie theaters, a couple of warnings about the book:

Green Like Envy by Richard Nathan

Blue Like Jazz and Donald Miller by Lighthouse Trails