Don’t Miss List: Scripture, Archaeology, Books and TV

This week’s Don’t Miss List is absolutely brimming with content, so let’s get started.

Biblical Context for the Top Ten Biblical Archaeological Discoveries of 2015

If you ever daydreamed about being an archaeologist someday like I once did (blame Indiana Jones) then this should interest you. Bible Gateway builds on a recent Christianity Today story about archaeological finds from last year, and how they fit into the history presented in scripture. Continue reading

Sound Bites: On Creflo, CEF and Genocide and Threats to the Gospel

From Washington Post’s OnFaith twitter account: “The devil knows that in order to discredit the message, you need to at first discredit the messenger.” -Creflo Dollar

Actually, Mr. Dollar – your message discredited you long before these allegations of violence against your family. Your claims that Adam was “an exact imprint of [God],” that Adam was a God, and that Adam made the animals instead of God are completely contradictory to the Bible and your prosperity false gospel is too.

From Letter of Marque: An Unrepentant ‘Porn King’ Teaching in the Temple of God?

It is just absolutely shameful for The Rock Church to have Ron Jeremy speak in church. Read Letter of Marque for a scriptural breakdown of several reasons why. Continue reading