Six Terrible Tweets from PDChurch 2016

Today was the first day of Saddleback Pastor Rick Warren’s latest “Purpose Driven Church” conference. It’s been a few years since, he’s held one, but as far as I can tell from the tweets (#PDChurch) it’s all just more of the same he’s peddling.

Here’s the video teaser they made for the conference. I’m grateful to The Berean Examiner for the heads up on this conference. They also took Warren to task for unbiblical statements he made promoting the conference.

Since I had to work and was unwilling to pay the hefty price tag to livestream the event anyway, I had to get by just watching the live tweets today.

Here are just some of the worst and most ironic tweets from the #PDChurch conference I’ve seen today with a few of my thoughts:

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Philosophical problems with the Purpose Driven movement

It’s Friday already and that means Rick Warren here at Steak and a Bible is almost at a close. Don’t worry, I’m sure Warren will warrant further discussion here, especially if he keeps tweeting. For now, I want to back up and talk a little bit about what should be the most obvious problem with the purpose driven church (not only Saddleback, but its many clones).

As I mentioned the other day, Bob DeWaay’s book “Redefining Christianity” really helped me understand the different between the church model given in the scriptures and the purpose driven paradigm for church. Continue reading

Warren’s Daniel Plan: Created with Muslim and New Age Doctors

As I’ve already written about the misuse of scripture used to justify Rick Warren’s Daniel Plan, it seems fitting to address other concerns surrounding the diet plan next.

I don’t think the church should be in the diet business at all, especially claiming falsely that there is an honest biblical support for it. But since it has already been done, let’s look at a new problem: unholy alliances and the introduction of New Age practices to his congregation. Continue reading