Don’t Miss List: “Favorite” Heresies, Don’t Trust Your Heart, How to Reach the Suffering and More

This list has been a long time coming. Quite a bit of ground to cover, since I haven’t done this for awhile. I’ll start with the most timely subjects:

“This is the last spastic breath from the Religious Right before its overdue death” – Collin Hansen

I generally avoid political issues like the plague around here. I believe the gospel and the truth contained in God’s word matter more than politics ever could. However, this opinion piece by Collin Hansen of TGC speaks directly to Christians about the latest Trump scandal and, is, in my view an essential read. Read it even if you don’t love the headline (I didn’t like the headline) – a better one would have been from the end “Woe to the hypocrites.”

The passage I found most pertinent:

To the older evangelicals planning to vote for Trump: You can try to explain the difference in electing a president and hiring a 23-year-old college graduate to evangelize students. You can say we’re electing a commander in chief and not a Sunday school teacher. You can say that God often raises up pagan leaders to deliver his people from their enemies. But no one is fooled by your arguments.

They can see you will apparently excuse anything in a Republican nominee so long as the alternative is a manifestly unqualified Clinton. And they will conclude that they don’t really need to listen to you when it comes to “traditional, biblical ethics.”

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What my bitten nails reveal about my soul

I’m a nail biter. I have been all my life. My mom tried breaking me of the habit as a child with nasty tasting polish that is supposed to make you stop, but it didn’t do any good. Now I realize this probably sounds really stupid, but bear with me a minute. For the past week or so I’ve managed to not bite off my nails. A few of them are actually growing to a decent length and look pretty good. But it has taken a ton of self-control. Way more than it should for something so trivial.

Well, I looked down at one of my fingernails today after I’d stripped it off its shiny red polish and had a realization. My nails are the perfect metaphor of my (and the struggle of every Christian) daily struggle with sin. As Christians we have a new nature, but we still wage war with the old nature. (Read Romans 7)

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