Facing Suffering – 1 Peter 4

Yesterday, an elder in my church preached from 1 Peter 4 and I benefited so much from it, I wanted to share the passage with all of you today. There’s a lot to unpack in here about how to be prepared to suffering and the trials of life, how to serve Jesus during our time on Earth, and how to face suffering in light of God’s character. Continue reading

William Carey and thoughts about joy

A missionary story that begs the question: Do we (and how can we) have joy even among pain or sorrow?

A Twisted Crown of Thorns ®

william careyWilliam Carey, the father of modern world missions, was born into a poor family in Northampton, England in 1761. He had no formal education but taught himself to read and write and mastered Latin by the age of twelve. He began his trade in his early teens as a shoemaker and was born again at eighteen. He soon began to preach in his spare time and quickly became fluent in New Testament Greek, Old Testament Hebrew, Dutch, and French.
He married Dorothy Plackett when he was twenty years old. William and Dorothy could not have been more different. She was six years older than he and illiterate, signing her name with an X. By his late twenties Carey was a Calvinistic Baptist preacher with a growing burden to reach the ‘heathen’. When at a pastoral meeting one day he spoke of his passion, an older minister said, ‘My dear Carey…

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