My posts have been sparse lately and I wanted to explain why and give my readers some idea of when I’ll be back in action.

I took on an extra freelancing job for the last month and half that, once added to all of my other jobs, maxed me out. It was a great opportunity and an immense challenge and I’m grateful for it. But I’ll be happy when it is done and my life returns to “normal.” Continue reading

California Day 2: Firsts

Today I did some new things. I dipped my feet in the Pacific Ocean. I went on a real hike. I guess I have hiked before in some gorges in New York state. But I’ve never been on a hike like today’s hike up to Two Trees.

Also, I went to In-and-Out Burger for the first time ever. It was good, but as an East Coaster I remain firmly in the Five Guys Burgers and Fries camp.

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Seattle, my current favorite place …

I seem to recall promising some vacation photos, well here goes. When you think of Seattle you probably think:

One of the neon signs adorning Pike Place market.

You’d probably also think coffee:











Obviously when it comes to architecture this comes to mind:

But what I loved most was looking at this whenever I was at my friend’s place.


As of this evening I’m on vacation. I’m abandoning the east coast for nearly two weeks to enjoy far cooler weather in the Pacific northwest. I’ve been dying to visit Seattle for a couple of years and now my trip is so close I can taste it. It tastes like Starbucks…

I’m off to see friends, take in as many of Seattle’s sights as I can cram in, visit my cousins and dance to some great jazz music at the Seattle Lindy Exchange (where I am sure to make many new friends).

This unfortunately means a break from blogging, although I will probably manage to find some time to tweet.