Podcast Recommendation: Chris Rosebrough Debunks “Holy Ghost” Movie

This episode of Fighting for the Faith is not to be missed! Pirate Christian Chris Rosebrough tackles the newly released “Holy Ghost” movie and shows that the “miracle” healings are easy parlor tricks and cold readings and illustrates that the theology about hearing from the Holy Spirit promoted by the film makers is wholly in contrast to Scripture.

Don’t fall for it brothers and sisters. Read your Bible and understand how the real Holy Spirit works (John 14-16 is a great start!) so you’re not taken in by stuff like this.

Nine Million Reasons to Read Another Jesus Calling

Sarah Young’s book, Jesus Calling, has sold over 9 million copies as of 2013. It is my sincere belief that book is subtly deceiving millions of people and that is why I’ve warned about the book in earlier posts.

Warren Smith, a former New Ager who became a Christian, has written multiple books warning about New Age practices and philosophy invading Christian churches through sermons, teachers and books. If anyone would recognize New Age thought, it would be someone who spent years practicing the New Age right?

Smith’s new book, Another Jesus Calling, tackles Young’s tremendously popular book as well as the book she herself says inspired her to start listening for God’s voice, pen in hand. Another Jesus Calling is a must read book. (Read on to learn about the giveaway) Continue reading