Filipino Christians Caught in the Middle

My latest story about international persecution is posted at World. It’s about last week’s attack in Zamboanga, Philippines by the Moro National Liberation Front, a group of Muslim extremists. Many people, including a pastor and priest were taken hostage in the conflict (which started on Sept. 9). Both of them are now free according to news reports. You can read my piece for more of the story.

New opportunities

I want to take a moment to explain why I’m really light on posts this week. I hate it, but I’ve had three completely packed weeks in a row and it doesn’t let up until after this weekend (I’m off to Connecticut for a couple days). Hopefully next week things will get back to normal and I’ll be able to pick up the pace again here with more frequent posts.

Another reason I have a bit less time on my hands is because I’m starting a new freelance gig this week for WORLD magazine online and have to devote time to research and writing for that. As my pieces are published there I’ll be sure and share them with you all. I’m very excited about the opportunity, even though right this minute I’m a bit overwhelmed.

Giving thanks

It seems crazy, but it is already November and, as I’m constantly being reminded, this is a month in which we emphasize giving thanks.

Today I want to tell you a little bit about an opportunity I had thanking God for. This summer I applied to take a class from World Journalism Institute. I managed to get accepted and in late October I spent a week in Asheville, N.C., learning how to report and write from a Biblical perspective. The ultimate outcome is that in the future I may be able to do some freelance writing for World magazine (or Preparing for the class in addition to my job took time, and took me away from this site. I hope to resume blogging more regularly (although daily is unrealistic right now) in the coming months.

For now, if you’d like to read my first published piece for here’s the link.